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Saturday, May 10, 2014

food that hurt belly

Inulin   products with high fiber or "good source of fiber".  Too much fiber or too fast could be the problem
Sulfites a preservative that can cause cramping and diarrhea.
Sugar alcohols: this is something that can be found in the artificial sweeteners. So what for reactions.
Large meals. I know this happens to me now. I have to watch quantity and be careful of variety at one sitting.
Watch your left over. My daughter always talks about left overs. Her family very seldom eats left overs and then only the next day. I have found I am not so careful and that could be a problem because of the all the bacteria.
My take on article from Sparks.

Friday, February 21, 2014


Was feeling a little on the heavy side again and found this article about what diets do to us. Want a reason not to diet?
Overhauling your habit ti fast!  When starting a diet begin slowly and get into the new habit.
Giving UP certain foods. A sure fire way to make your body want this item. MODERATion is the key to eating anything.
Calories# the be all of dieting but not the complete answer. Do not forget about nutrition.
The scale# just watching the weight trying to go down is not the complete answer either. You want to loose some inches and get fitter in this process.
Diet with no exercise# would that not be like a magic pill? We need to burn some of the calories while we are toning.
Don't stop eating#People tend to think by not eating you can save the calories. Your needs food with the essential nutrients to make the process work. One does not want the body to be in starvation mood.
Confusing health with low-calorie??Watch the lingo on food labeled low-calorie. The food industry is know to stretch the truth.
EXpectations# Let us be realistic in our goals. Loosing weight is a hard time. IT does not happen quickly even when the commericals say that. Be prepared to take some time..slowly wins the race and one will keep the weight off.
My take of an article from Spark..
Any reaction to these ideas?

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Vitamin D

Vitamin D  such a big hipe now for this. Do we Don't we. how much to ,much.
Found a great article that has helped me understand.  Is your sufficient AND most importantly is it a Vit?  not really is is a HORMONE. I did not this and still not sure if I understand.  OF course, the most important aspect of D (the sunshine Vit) is bone health.
But deficiency goes beyond bone/ Studies are showing that it goes to the prevention of other ailments.
 The below information was very enlightening to me from the article: but use with caution
Cancer: could have a anti-cancer benefit. Good stop the growth of some cancers and help during treatment
Hormone functions of insulin, rennin, serotonin and estrogen
OBESity: deficiency could
interfer with the "fullness" hormone
Inflamation: might help in control of inflammation
Immune systems: much research has been done in this area and has shown that Vit D is a much needed ingredient for your system that helps fight disease.

SOOOOOOOOOOOO how much do you need. Another good question!
ages 1-70  which is a very long span  600 IU daily
ages 71 older 800

So how do you get this vit/hormone?
Sunlight ofcourse
some food sources:  cod liver oil, salmon, mackerel tuna, orange juice. yogurt, soy milk, swiss cheese, ready to eat cereal, beef liver.
Supplements: since it is a fat-soluble vit. take the supplement with source containing some fat.
D is also added to calcium which is helpful for both of these supplements
A BIG word of caution it can be toxic. Do not mega dose unless instructed by a Dr.  VIT D is also stored and can build up.  USE with caution.


It's that season again. Since my youngest daughter has finally been diagnosed with Lyme's I have been very concerned for others in the family. I found an article in Mother earth news about natural prevention. I am not saying not to use the chemicals that help, I am saying that there a natural way that could be also used and used in conjunction. Lyme is a nasty customer that seems to be spreading inland. All should be aware.
Dress defensively: wear a hat, light colored clothes. Tuck clothes into shoes or socks.
Get sticky: Believed it or not the sticky tape like lint roller is great for finding ticks on clothes. Get them before you enter the house if you have been in woods.
Clean up: a 10 minute spin in hot clothes dryer kills any hiding ticks. For yourself, a hot soap bath will help do the trick.
Tick check: do not forget to does this check especially when being in the woods or tall grass. It is a preventive measure. Look under arm, ankles, and hair areas.
Do not forget to mow. Ticks love the high grass areas and shrubbery.
Perfume your pants. Yes ticks do not like the heavy perfume spray like lemon eucalyptus.
So all please be aware and check yourself and love ones. This disease is curable if caught early but hard to detect. Took many test and process of illumination before she was actually diagnosed. The longer the time, the harder it is to treat and the longer recovery system.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

self care

We in New Jersey are still in such amess, that when I saw this article I wanted to share. We know our own bodies and can usually tell when something is out of sink but do we do anything about it? Sometimes no!. Below are few hints from the article that I have found useful with a few twist.
For the common cold TRY: gently blowing your nose if mucus is present
                                              Inhaling steam might help to loosen the mucus
                                               Try a warm shower
                                               Drink plenty of fluids (warm liquids)
                                               Increase amount of sleep
                                               Carefully take the nonprescription medicine
BE aware if the congestion last more than two weeks or moves down to chest area
                  if you have a chronic condition
                  if you have trouble breathing

Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, queasiness, cramping you might have a viral infection
   Drink as much liquid as you can--dehydration is a big concern
   Avoid dairy, greasy foods, fried and highly seasoned food, caffeine and alcohol
SEEK medical attention if unable to keep anything down in a 24 hour period
                                       You become dehydrated, weak, dizzy, vomit blood, diarrhea
Some foods suggested in the article and one's I have tried that can be of help..
  broth, carbonated beverages, fruit drinks, hard candy, honey especially in tea, Popsicle, ices.
So take of yourself friends, us some common sense and be good.
From B Hand licensed dietitian and spark people and Elaine

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Well guys I am back
What a mess I have been living in has as many of us in OCeancounty New Jersey. The super storm Sand has been dumped on the unsuppecting people and we are down. Things are being rebuilt, but OH so slowly.
It is very sad state around here. I for one have lost the bottom of my house and seem to be moving very slowly in the repair department. Still I keep saying to myself every day, that I have a house. So many of us in this area have actually lost the whole house or damaged beyond repair.
AND the businessooso sad. Many are gone and not going to be able to rebuild. FEMA, government, town, no-one is helping. just to sad.  es


Calcium  it's good for you
plays an important role in bones and teeth as we all know.  I found a very informative article on calcium and thought I would pass along. As I am aging, I have become very concerned with this--older adul;ts need about 1200 milligrams.
Diary ofcourse is still the best but might contain more calories, so be aware.
Green leafy veggies high in calcium low in calories
Since it seem that Americans do not consume enough, the article mentions way to add calcium
Add beans to chilli and pasta
grate low-fat cheese ove soups
enjoy a smoothie
use milk instead of water in some soups
try plain yogurt as a vegetable dip
add nuts to anything you can
leafy vegs in casseroles
fortified juices and cereals with calcium
treat yourself to puddings
Try milk instead of soda or tea
Don't forget the suppliment